Copyright Registration in India - SettleMyTaxCopyright is a type of intellectual property that helps the owner to protect his work from getting copied. Copyright represents the ownership and possession of the owner. Copyright protects the ownership right of the holder and has a legal right to take any action. One can protect his creative work with copyright protection. In India, the copyright regime is governed by the Copyright Protection Act of 1957 helps the owner of the work to protect its exclusive rights.   

The work protected under the India copyright protection Act 1957 is:-

  • Artistic work includes writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, photograph, architecture work, dramatic work
  • Literacy work includes computer programs, computer database  
  • Musical work(include music, graphical notation)  
  • Sound recording
  • Cinematography

Copyright will protect the originality of the work. Copyright is the exclusive right of the author to protect his work. Copyright gives many rights to the owner such as the right to reproduce the work or reuse the work. By protecting its work the holder can take legal action against the person who copied his work. It can also help in getting commercial benefits to the holder. The copyright holder has the official right to distribute or sell his work.  

The awareness of intellectual property law is low among the people of India. It is always advisable to register for a copyright certificate as proof of ownership. The certificate can help in the court of law and police authorities. The registration of copyright takes 1 to 11/2 years. Copyright of any work present or future can be assigned or licensed in writing by the copyright owner or his duly authorized agent. In the case of original literacy, dramatic, and musical the duration of copyright is the lifetime of the author. In the case of cinematography film, sound recording, photography, works of government, and work of the international organization are protected for 60 years from the date of publication. 

In the current scenario, the Government of India has amended the new rules. The amendment will bring existing rules in uniformity with the other legislation. The amendment is:-

  • Electronic mode:- In the era of digitalization, adopting the electronic as a primary mode of communication and working.
  • Journal:- publication of a copyrighted journal has been incorporated to eliminate the publication of Official Gazette. The journal will be available on the official website of the copyright office.
  • Accountability:- New provision to deal with the undistributed royalty and use of the electronic and transferable mode of payment for the collection and distribution of royalties.
  • Annual Transparency Report:- To reinforce the transparency in working of copyright societies, they have to publish the annual transparency report for each financial year.
  • Appellate Board:- Amendment in copyright rule 2021, the copyright board has been merged with the appellate board.
  • Time limit:- The limit to respond to an application for the registration of copyright has been extended to 180 days so that the application can be examined comprehensively.

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