A Partnership is perhaps the foremost type of business association, where at least two individuals meet up to build a business and share the profits in an agreed proportion. A Partnership firm is not difficult to form and has fewer compliances. A partnership company consists of two or more people (partners) who come together to do business, share profits and conduct business together under mutually agreed conditions. These companies are governed by the Indian Partnerships Act of 1932.

Partnership ( Basic )

Rs. 4999

Partnership Deed with PAN and TAN Registration

Partnership ( Standard )

Rs. 6499

Partnership Deed with PAN and TAN and GST Registration

Partnership ( Premium )

Rs. 9999

Partnership Deed with PAN and TAN and GST Registration Trademark Application

Documents Required

Aadhar card

PAN Card

Voter’s ID

Driving License  


Sales Deed

Rent Agreement

Electricity bill copy

Advantages under Partnership Firm

Ease of starting Business

Fast Decision Making

Quick Fund Raising

Understanding Of Ownership

Registration Process

First, a consultant from our team will advise you on the process and provide you with a list of documents required for registration.

Document submissions can be made online via our mobile application or through our website.

After document verification is complete, a partnership Deed will be generated and sent to the partners for signature.

It should be noted that all partners must sign the documents on hard paper and upload a copy to our platform.

As soon as a signed partnership action becomes available, it will be registered with the Registrar of Firms and a registration certificate from the partner will be issued.

Apart from sending you a registration certificate for a partnership, we can also help you open bank account on behalf of the partnership.