Sole Proprietorship

The Sole Proprietorship is a type of Business that is owned, managed by a single person. The person responsible controls all activities. It can be set up by anyone who needs to start a business without being subject to some legal protocol. But, the sole proprietor must be a citizen of India.

Sole Proprietorship ( Basic )

Rs. 1499

MSME Registration

Sole Proprietorship ( Standard )

Rs. 2499

MSME and GST Registration

Sole Proprietorship ( Premium )

Rs. 5499

MSME, GST Registration and Trademark Application

Benefits Of Sole Ownership

The proprietor has full control and claims possession 

No base capital investment is obliged

Profits belong only to their owners

Tax supervision prevents double tax collection 

The proprietor is only liable for annual expense figures

There is no different tax for organizations 

Documents Required

Aadhar card

PAN card

bank account

Proof of residence (lease agreement or title deed)


Registration of MSME

Registering MSMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) is not mandatory, but it increases the company’s chances of getting credit and helping with other legal issues.

License to Shop and establishment Act

A shop and Establishment Act license is not required for all individual ownership, but most companies must obtain this license by local laws in the area of ​​business.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration

To set up and start a trading business in India with estimated sales of more than Rs 40 lakh and Rs 20 lakh, GST registration must be completed.

Proof of office address

Proof of a registered office address is required for some procedures essential to business operations.